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Why I Love Traffic

April 4, 2018

Written By: Robert Batch

Traffic usually ends up being one way with a person. Frustrating . Let's be honest...we are slowed down in getting where we need to go. We are surrounded by people (often also joining in our frustration)....Read more


For Educators & Ministries
March 28, 2018

Written By: Robert Batch

There have been alot of people recently who have come up to me to ask what resources do you use in the classroom, and in ministry. I thought that I would share the top resources (my opinion) that...Read more

What I Love About Holy Week

March 27, 2018

Written By: Robert Batch

Holy Week for teachers is the exit sign for spring break. For parents, it's the reality check that kids will be home for a week with nothing to do besides playing video games, and asking...Read more

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Robert Batch holds a degree in Communications with a Minor in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Theology online through Franciscan.  He has a passion for speaking, lecturing, and teaching about the faith.  He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Amanda

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