The Journey

Transformation and the New Year

September 2, 2017

Authored by Chip Stark

September is a time of new beginnings. The kids are going back to school, vacations have been vacated, and Fall is about to officially start. If you are anything like me, the summer always flies by, and you woke up this past Friday with "It's what? September? Didn't we just finish the Memorial Day BBQ?". Although it is not well known in the...Read more

Dr. Strange and the Path of Holiness

Authored By: Chip Stark
July 29, 2017

Authored By: Chip Stark

I am a geek. I always have been, and wear my geek credentials proudly. One of the benefits that admitting my geekiness allows me is the ability to to talk about one of my interests - comic books and superheroes.

I could go and tell you all about the Saints, how they lived lives of holiness and heroic virtue, and are, in reality, the...Read more

The Journey?

Where Are We Headed To?
July 14, 2017

Hello all. One of the many hats that I wear is that I am a volunteer Confirmation catechist and Youth Minister for my parish. When it comes time to talk about vocations, we touch on the Big Three - the Married Life, the Religious Life, and the Consecrated Single Life. However, there is one vocation that tends to get forgotten when talking about this, and that is the universal vocation...Read more

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ChipChip Stark, trained as a PhD scientist in Medical Research but with the heart and soul of a historian, philospher, and theologian, currently resides in Southern California. In addition to his day job in medicine, Chip directs the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program, and assists with the Confirmation and Youth Ministry Programs at St Julie Billiart Parish in Newbury Park, CA.