Timing Is Everything

Written By: Guest Contributor: Victoria Hamilton


God’s Timing 


We have all heard the age-old expression that “timing is everything.” Coming from someone who likes to be “in control” of her circumstances and can be easily impatient when things don’t turn out “as planned”, this can be a difficult lesson to swallow. But our Lord, being the kind, gentle and all loving Father that He is, knows us better than we know ourselves, and sometimes He wants to surprise us in ways that we could never have imagined. In those moments, we look back with awe at the countless ways that the Lord has blessed us for our faithfulness to Him and how He is weaving it all into the beautiful tapestry of life.


This is one of those moments.


As I sit here and flesh out my thoughts “finger to keyboard”, I am overwhelmed with an incredible sense of gratitude of how far the Lord has brought me and an deep sense of peace in knowing that He continues to guide my every step. There has been so much that has happened to me these past two years, yet, to Him, it is only but a drop in the ocean of life. The road has indeed been marked with trials and suffering, yet there has also been incredible joy. As I approach this fork in the road once again, I can see the light of the Son guiding me down the road that leads to Himself. 


It’s a funny thing how God’s timing works. In the moment, we often wonder how this change of direction, this “left turn” so to speak, could possibly make sense in the grand scheme of things as if we know better than Him. But that is where humility comes in to gently reminds us that God is God and we simply are not. During the summer before my senior year of high school, I thought I had my whole life figured out down to the very last detail. The only thing missing was the room and the flexibility in my life to let God be God. Little did I know that my seemingly small decision to attend the Steubenville NYC conference that summer would radically change my life and set it on a new course. It was the first time in my life that I ever asked “Lord, what do you want for my life?”


God’s timing is everything.


Flash forward to May of the next year and it was time for college decisions to be made. Every part of me wanted to go away to this particular school, yet I could hear the still, small whisper in my heart telling me to stay local. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make because it required me to take a leap of faith and die to myself in the process. This small “surrendering” of my will to the Lord lead to two years marked with more spiritual growth than I ever could have imagined and countless lessons of faith and trust in the Lord to last me a lifetime.


God’s timing is everything.


It is now 16 days before I am set to leave for college, and I am now in the process of packing my belongings, preparing for the eight-hour car ride to Steubenville. I often catch myself in deep contemplation of the events of the past two years and can feel my heart filled to overflowing with gratitude. God truly cannot be outdone in generosity! Had I gone away to school two years earlier, I would never have met the community of daily mass attendees at my parish who are now some of my dearest friends with whom I share my joys and sorrows with. Had I gone away to school two years earlier, I would never have gotten to know the pastor of my church whose example of virtue and holiness have challenged me to trust the Lord in every circumstance and whose spiritual guidance has helped my faith to mature and deepen to a level I never thought possible. Had I gone away to school two years earlier, I would not have the opportunity to share this experience of going away to school with two of my dearest friends (who will both be attending the same college as me for the first time this coming semester). Had I gone away to school two years earlier, my life would simply not be the same.


After all, timing is everything.

About The Author


Updated HeadshotVictoria Hamilton is an aspiring writer and “saint-in-training” pursing her Bachelor’s degree in English Writing at Franciscan University. She is a Long Island native with a deep love and passion for her Catholic faith. When she is not spending quality time in the chapel or perusing thrift stores, she enjoys singing, dancing, painting, and spending time with her family. Her personal mantra can be summed up in the words of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “Do small things with great love.”

August 13, 2018 - 4:00am