The Church In Crisis

You cannot ignore it.  It has been all over social media, all over the internet.  The numbers are terrifying.  The verdicts are riveting.  The scandals have risen, and anger has been exposed.  Teachings are being questioned, and authorities are being put on trial...

The Catholic Church is in crisis. 

It is once again that the reputation of the episcopate, the office of priesthood, and the authority of the church has been tainted.  There have been great evils committed.  From the cover ups, to the secret payments, to the bribery and exposing of children.  There is no doubt in my mind that there will be proper judgement for those found guilty.  The church is now on trial, once again.  It has entered a time of darkness and for some a time of despair and hopelessness. 

Before I go any further, for those of you who are reading this, and are angry, or might be feeling some type of emotion I want to let you know that it is a justified feeling.  However, amongst the darkness, and what feels like despair there is some light. 

What do I mean?

We must remember that the Church as an institution was not, and is not founded by the suspects that are being questioned, or the ones who have been charged guilty on trial.  The Church was founded and established by Christ himself, the light of the world who came to defeat and to shine in the darkness, and the darkness will not be overcome by it.  (John 1:5)

Let’s remember that even in this very tough and dark time in the church, we are all sinners.  We are all human effected by the stain of sin.  We cannot let this weakness overcome and overrun the beauty of truth.  It does not weaken the gift of the Sacraments, and it does not take away from the power of the Mass. 

Let’s face it…literally.  We must face the darkness and the powers of evil.  We must hold fast to our faith and to the truth that remains true.  Jesus Christ is Lord.  Saint Gregory the Great once said:

“It is better that scandals arise than the truth be surpassed”. 

For a lot of us it would be easier to simply walk away from the Church and move on to another / different religion.  That would be the easy way.  The truth and the heart of the matter is, you do not and should not walk away from the Church that Christ founded. Know that he has already overcome and has won the battle with his authority and with his light. 

OK, this is all great and encouraging but what can I do about it?

#1) Pray and participate in the sacramental life of the Church.  This is where grace is received and hope is infused into our lives. 

#2) Continue to attend the Holy Mass. 

#3) Continue to have faith in Christ as Lord and as King. 

#4) If action is something that speaks to your heart, find ways to support programs that focus on ending abuse in not only our churches, but as well as in our school and in our homes.

#5) Act for the sake of love.  Do not lose sight or throw away love. 

#6) Pray for those who have been directly affected by this abuse. Listen to those who are angry and concerned with love. And pray for the priesthood, as a majority of our priests have also been hurt and are angry about this situation as well.

Peace be with you.  

About The Authors

39090056 10156357763636138 4172531947488149504 ORobert & Amanda Batch currently live in Southern California with their daughter Cecilia Adele.  Both of them passionate seekers of truth and lovers of the Gospel while living a good life at the same time.  Robert teaches theology at Bishop Garcia Diego High School, and Amanda teaches Science at Chaminade College Prep.  They are witnesses to the fact that both faith & science do in fact work together!

August 18, 2018 - 5:31pm