Always Choose Life!

Written By: Amanda Batch (Robert's Wife)

October is the start of my favorite season. I am a sucker for all things autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

One of my other favorite things about this time of year is that October is also Respect Life Month and the Month of the Rosary. Two of my favorite things: babies and Mama Mary. This month my blogs will be focusing on these two topics.

Always Choose Life

I wanted to start off this series with ways to be active during Respect Life Month because in the end our actions always speak louder than our words. We can say that we are “pro-life” all we want, but unless there is action behind that statement, the words are left incomplete. We as Catholics and as a society need to put into practice actions that always choose life. So, what can you do this month to show that you mean what you say?

1.Support your local pro-life crisis pregnancy centers: These crisis pregnancy centers are the breath and heartbeat of everything that is pro-life. These men and women dedicate and most of the times volunteer their time in order to help women choose life for their unborn babies. They are always in need of financial support so that they can continue to provide their services such as pregnancy and STD testing, ultrasounds, and much more. They are also ALWAYS in need of supplies. They can never have enough diapers, clothes, blankets, and other baby items. However, you can help they will appreciate! So start a drive. Get your friends involved. Help the lifeline of the pro-life movement. 

2.Visit a Nursing Home: When we talk about respecting life it means from WOMB to TOMB. Have you ever visited a nursing home? If not, then you should. The elders of our society light up when they have visitors. They love just having someone to talk to or even play a board game with. Again, organize a group to go! You won’t regret it!

3.Pray the Rosary: Prayer IS action. It’s a very powerful action. What better than asking Mama Mary to intercede for the most vulnerable of our society. Set up a schedule. Whether it be every day, every other day, weekends or once a week: make time to spend time praying for those in our world that most need it. If you don’t have a rosary or don’t know how to pray the rosary, no worries! There are tons of cool apps that have virtual interactive rosaries that include each prayer said at each bead (Laudateis my favorite. Also includes many other Catholic Resources embedded within the app).

4.Pray outside of an abortion clinic: This is not for everyone. In fact, when I first started actually started putting action to my words the thought of standing outside an abortion clinic very much intimidated me. But, it is such a powerful thing to do. Check-in with your church and see if they are participating in the 40 Days for Life program. These programs usually have organized times where different churches and parishes take turns praying outside of these abortion clinics. Go with a friend. Again, prayer is one of the most powerful actions we can take.

There are SO many ways to be active in the pro-life movement. Find what works best for you. Educate yourself on the controversial topics regarding life issues across the board. Take this month to focus on life. I am a firm believer in the fact that until we as a country and world can respect life from conception to natural death, other issues of violence and injustice will continue.

So practice what you preach and ALWAYS CHOOSE LIFE. 

About The Author:

Robert and AmandaAmanda Batch is married to Robert Batch, and is a teacher at Chaminade College Preperatory High School.  She is the director of the Youth Band at Saint Rose of Lima Parish.  She is looking forward to sharing her thoughts with you and getting to know you!

October 10, 2017 - 6:00am