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Robert Batch holds a degree in Communications with a Minor in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Theology online through Franciscan.  He has a passion for speaking, lecturing, and teaching about the faith.  He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Amanda

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What Others Are Saying

Robert has a heart for the Lord that enables him to relate well with Teens. I have witnessed his ability to engage them and work with a large audience.

Robert is an engaging, knowlegable and faith filled man sharing his gift of speaking and evangelizing in a relatable way.

Kiley Luft

Robert is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking


What Breaks Your Heart?

October 1, 2017

Written By: Amanda Batch

I teach at a Catholic Marianist School and recently helped with the Freshmen Retreat. During this retreat, they focus on the “Pillars” of the Marianist Charisms, which guide how we do everyday life at our school.

During one of the last sessions, the students were asked a question: What do you love? Pretty typical answers ensued from “I love my family” to...Read more

I'm Still Nervous When I Walk Into The Classroom

September 25, 2017

Written By: Robert Batch

Do you remember the first day of a new job? Maybe you had sweaty palms....butterflies in the stomach....the jitters from staying up all night and drinking too much coffee. I remember it clearly when I first stepped foot into a classroom and found myself in front of a room full of high school seniors to teach them Religion. I remember vividly...Read more

Reflection of St. Teresa's Abortion Logic

September 3, 2017

Authored by Guest Contributor: Kristen Melia

Mama T

St. Teresa of Calcutta’s feast day is approaching quickly (September 5 th ). I absolutely love her: a giant hero of tiny stature. In second grade, during women’s history month, I had the opportunity to dress up like her and go to various classrooms speaking about her life and all of the...Read more

A New Year Has Begun

(Sorry It Has Been Awhile)
September 3, 2017

You may have noticed...it has been awhile. September is a wonderful time of the year where there are a lot of new "starts", goals, beginnings. Amanda and I have had a lot of that happening. So since it has been awhile, I figured I would just start with a brief update as to where life has taken us!

We Have Moved In

We are finally in our new...Read more

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